Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mom and George Update

I wanted to update everyone who is out there! Mom had two (2) forms of stress test today, and her blood preasure was good. She was in good spirits, and wanted to go home. I don't blame her...... The Doctor had not come in as of 12:30 today. Aaron, my lil Angel, was wound like an eight day clock, so versus trying to keep him calm, I chose to take him home....

George stayed with us last night, he missed being with his Padres, so he was anctious to get back on that side of town. But all in all, he is doing better than ever. We know what the outcome will be, but until that day comes, we will celebrate it everyday.

I thought I would live forever, until January 8th, 2005. The day I have to accept as my life, my past, and my future. That day changed my whole life, I think it was for the better, but only the All Mighty God knows! We are put on this earth to complete what God has in store for our future. Therefor, I will put my Bible away, and leave y'all with this thought....."No One Is Promised A Healthy Future, So Thank God For Everything You Have!" And Remember That You May Think You Have Nothing To Offer, But Put Yourself In Someones Shoes That Looks Up To You. Then See What You Mean To Them, It May Very Well Save Their Life, And Someone Else's, So It Goes On Down The Line.....!!!

Take Care, God Bless, Peace

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