Saturday, January 10, 2009

It seems I've gotten soo much accomplished....

... for being such a huge procrastinator. Hahaha...

So, not only did I make it to the Doc's to renew a prescription that wasn't expired (long story) and got that handled, I also managed to find (with Devon's help yesterday), call, finalize and make arrangements to get a refrigerator moved into our apt this morning. We've been living without a fridge for about 2 weeks. To top that off, I'm finally going to get my/ Devon's Tv from my old apartment today too, that of which was a huge hassle as well... another long story. Now I'm off to hit the bank so I can get cash to pay the fridge guy, and up to the SCVC office so I can pick up one of my team's uniforms . Hopefully my coaching apparel came in too.

I've been handling all of this business, but I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without the help from my Father and Devon. Really, anywhere... Now I wish it was the end of the month, so I could get paid, handle some more business and give them something for all they've given me :)



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