Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey HEY Hey...

Why, hello everyone :) Its fun to read everyones updates on here. Think of when everyone is posting... thats a ton of entries to be reading, haha.

Well, as for my update:
I just moved into my new apartment. Anyone who I've told about my last roommate, or have seen my rants about them online, knows that it wasn't very pleasant. Just another case of "crazy Californian people." My new roommate I met thru a random roommate service. She plays in the AVP (pro beach volleyball), played vb and graduated from Duke, my age. Shes really cool. We both love volleyball, so that basically means we're soul mates (hah), all except she hates the color pink (my fav color) :) haha
I just got off "winter break" from indoor coaching, I was coaching beach during break. We started practices back up on sunday. My 14-2 team has our first tournament this weekend. I'm pretty excited, but I'm not quite sure the girls are ready mentally. I'm gunna kick 'em around tomorrow tho.
Life pretty good. Money is coming in. I've got to fill out my FAFSA for next fall so I can figure stuff out for enrollment into CSULB. We finally got cable and internet today, thats what took me so long to update. I'm watching cartoons, as I always do, and just finished lunch.

Love everyone!! and I'll be back later this week :) xoxoxo
<3 Kristina

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  1. Well hello, I thought you had forgotten about us. But after reading your mail, I know why! Tough being without internet, or cable. Now you know were all spoiled rotten children....HaHa Well good hearing from you, hope all is well....

    Love ya lots......