Wednesday, January 14, 2009

George & Mom

Hey Guys....

Today is George's Birthday... Call him, he's at Mom & Dad's House... (281-238-9190)

Also, Bert took Mom to the hospital last nite with chest pains. CT Scan, Blood Work, EKG all came back normal. Blood Pressure high. They kept her overnite for observation. Talked to her this morning, tired, but doing fine. Dad stayed with her last nite. May go home today.

Thanks to Bert & Cesar..... They've done lots for Mom, Dad and Jorge....

Cold outside, was 25 degrees this morning, but have a major cold front coming in. Friday's and Saturdays high in the 30's and low in the teens..... Haven't seen this kind of weather since I left Michigan back in the 70's... Bet you California is warm....., ain't that right Kristina....don't you just miss this kinda weather.....ha ha ha!!!

Luv Ya All

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